Smart steps and DIYs to keep your home cool this summer!

Scorching heat wave has attacked the entire country especially, Delhi and other parts of Northern India.  Air conditioners are not very effective and indoors have become less pleasant.

We advise the following tips which you could follow to make your homes pleasant,keep your cool and save energy.

  1. Keep your blinds closed that will make a lot of difference. Use awnings or sun PS Design Factory Home Indoors Cool Summersshades outside the windows. Also try and insulate the window panes by using films etc.

  2. Change Your Sheets and linen often in summer: By switching up your bedding you are able to freshen up your room and it s a great way to keep the room cool. For an added bonus, try and using a buckwheat pillow. Cotton and light coloured linens are the best choice for the season. Another interesting to do can be putting your sheets in the fridge or freezer, surely wrapped in a plastic bag before draping the same. They’ll provide a cooling effect for a long time, through the night.

  3. Creating a chillow: Sounds strange, but it works. Fill your hot water bottles with water and put them in a freezer.Place them in your bed a little before you get to bed. It might dampen your bed a bit, but the chilling effect it’ll have it’ll be miraculous.

  4. Switching on fans in bathroom and exhausts in the kitchen: Both fan and exhausts have a tendency to throw out air generated while cooking and during steam bath. They help in removing the moisture out of the house thus, keep the temperature cool and pleasant. Also, these fans help to control and eliminate bathroom odors.

  1. Switch to CFL’s: There are a number of benefits of switching to CFL’s, they not only reduce your electricity bills but also cut off the heat incandescent lamps omit. Also keeping the lighting minimal and low will do wonders…Enjoy a romantic candle light dinner once a while.

  1. Cross ventilation is a must: Place a fan across a window to keep a cross ventilation effect and to lower down the temperatures when the air conditioners are off.

  1. Vegetation and plants are essential: Greenery not only looks nice but also helps in reducing the temperatures. For bungalows, big trees and dense plantation can be effectively used for beautification and heat reduction. Indoor plants like Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, Weeping Fig, Boston Fern and Golden Pothos are very useful in keeping the inner atmosphere cool.

  1. If you have to use AC’s: Use Ac s as and when essential an in a minimalistic fashion. Consider replacing any unit which is older than 10 years with a new one which is more efficient .Look at the energy star label and get the right size unit for the desired space. Buy high efficiency units with useful features like timers,filters,as they direct towards maximum efficiency. Use fans to circulate air in full rooms and then you can nudge up the thermostat a bit which will save a lot of energy.

Beyond a point do not fight to hard….enjoy the heat a bit, swim, play in the kiddy pools, dip your feet in water, use cool parts of your homes for daytime activites….slow down.

Heat is nature s way of saying ‘slow down’ and we can certainly all use a bit of that!!!!

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