Wall arts to pep up your walls!

Plain walls are boring…don’t you agree? An exclusive piece of décor can enlighten that space and add more meaning and life.  

PS Design Factory Wall art designWe suggest giving your room a refreshing change every now and then. This would be an inexpensive way to give a new face to your space and will reflect of current décor trends

 The best part is that wall art is becoming increasingly popular and if you love doing up your home with artefacts, décor items etc. don’t miss doing up the walls in your house as well. It can be can used to set up your mood or simply to add an accent. It can also add a finishing touch to a space or could be an inspiration for a design.

You can decorate and pep your walls in the following ways:

  • Paint the walls differently, contrasting to the ceiling
  • Highlight one wall only with texture paint
  • Use painting to add colours and to accentuate a wall
  • Use Metallic art work which helps in uplifting the wall and thus adds an essence to the room
  • Mirrors are also wall arts which highlight the walls and also make the space look very large and huge by adding another dimension
  • Wall papers/Texture paints are a brilliant method pep up your walls and match the ongoing trends
  • Hand Painting of the walls by artists and beautiful patterns are very impactful and add life to a room

ChoPS Design Factory Wall art home decor.JPGosing the right wall in a room and the right size of the wall art are indeed very important. In order to make a big impact with bold accent walls, choosing big canvas is a right way of uplifting the grace of your living space. Large canvas artworks can solve designing problems of large walls. In addition to this, it goes fantastic with long corridors, lobbies, high ceilings and staircase. There is no second thought that huge pieces of art don’t have to be limited to just the living space but can be incorporated in other areas of the room in coherence with the of the room.

Thus don’t wait for tomorrow, make that change today, do up your blank walls and uplift your surroundings by pepping it.


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