5 Ethnic Home decor hacks you should definitely try

Your home is a reflection of your personality.

The ways you prep your home speak volumes about your true self. Although we sometimes boast about the lavish modern lifestyle but our roots remain deep in our rich culture and tradition. The same is reflected in our homes too. Homes are built as per modern architecture and are adorned with ultra modern furnishings. But, it gains our personal touch with subtle enhancements we do with interiors.  Everyone likes to do up their homes stylishly and in an inexpensive fashion . Here are 5 tips for ethnic home decor you should definitely try:

1.Adding an accent piece:


To a modern setting adding an antique furniture piece is a wonderful idea. While your main furniture can be straight-lined and smart but one traditional piece, may be a chest of drawers, a side table or a chair, can make a strong contrast to the setting and decor. Make sure that the accent piece must have a stand out feature. It should either be very bright, hand painted, stylishly designed or any characteristic feature that makes it stand apart. To put it more clearly, it should be something that truly adds artistic value in a sophisticated setting of your home.

2.Highlighting a Wall:


Highlighting a wall is well-experimented sure shot way to create new vibes in a room setting. One can decide on an accent wall by adding different colour, panel or print. You can also give definition to the room by introducing an interesting pattern that looks artistic, yet stay easy on your wallet. We can play endlessly with block prints, patterns and motifs by stencils, etc on any existing wall giving it a unique identity of its own.
Another easy yet interesting way of highlighting a surface can be by using an interesting wall paper which could be contrasting to the theme of the room and which would stand out as a beautiful backdrop for a simple furniture piece.

3.Use curios, collectibles from the past: 


India is a treasure-trove for unique remnants from the past, which not just have tremendous historic value but also the aesthetic value that add story to your home. An old sewing machine, a vintage typewriter or any such collectible can be beautifully dealt with and can completely change the look of a room. Also, one can collect exquisite pieces while travelling around and build your collection over a period of time.

4.Art and more:


Traditional Indian art is beautiful to the extreme and has the charm that can beautify anything. Ethnic pieces are exquisite and very detailed and can lend its charm to the place it is kept. Indian art forms like Tanjores ,Pichwaris ,Madhubani or Waali are a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home .Other than just using paintings to adorn the walls, one can also try on beautiful metallic flowers ,artistic mirrors ,antique frames which bring in an artistic flair to your home, to suit your taste. Also, you can think about photo wall with nice carved frames that can be highlighted on a feature wall.

5.Curtains and Blinds:


You can play around displaying large window panes, painted white or neutral, allowing natural light to set in your home. Or you can experiment on an immensely wide spectrum of curtains and blinds that come in unimaginable prints and shades.
If a room is simple and modern, beautifully printed curtains or blinds, in rich shade, can really spike up the room. You can add ethnic block printed curtains as per the suited colour scheme or curtains with a little Zari work or Mukaish which not only adds much-needed bling to the setting but also takes it to the next level. Statement making blinds or curtains in the colour scheme of interiors are perfect for any formal space too. Plain blinds with plush borders also look outstanding thus, bringing in character to your room.

So do try these and let us know how it comes out!