Décor for a Simplistic Home Style

We all have our own specific pictures in mind when planning décor for the home. Some like to ornate their homes while some prefer very simplistic home decors. From uber modern home decors to conventional designs, every home occupant has his/her own preferences for the spaces they live in. Here we have listed few points for you to make your home look simply elegant:

PRINTS AND COLOURSPrint & Colour | Shreya Designs


Rethink your home decor and get inspired by the bright and vibrant shades of spring and summer to give your home a lighter look. You can also team it up with some floral prints, graphics, block prints to do soft furnishings and curtains. You can also make spaces more comfortable with breezy vibe evocative of the season.Remove the heavy curtains, rugs and enjoy the bare floor.

Also, pillows and cushions are an easy thing to be changed. Plain bed linen in lighter shades with bright, floral or striped pillow covers looks the best for a lovely room.

GREENERY  AND BLOOMSWall Hanging | Shreya Designs


Use greenery instead of flowers for a casual fresh feel. It not only makes a place look inviting but also adds a lot of freshness to the same space.If you have an open area like a balcony, adding a small vertical garden can be a brilliant idea as it will again make the area look cooler and fresh.Trickling water and small fountain and water falls also has a very soothing effect in adding life to space.



Different colored candles with nice aromas not only add color to the space but also sets the ambiance for any particular space. Fragrances add a lot of freshness and vibrancy to your homes.


The entrance of your home decides the very first impression your home will leave.Remodelling the entrance is not too much of a cost, but it surely can give a very welcoming feeling if a wall is brightened up or a new name plate or a bright door mat is added.


By making a small effort of changing the frames to a different size or a color can add newness to a room and make it look very fresh. You can also swap paintings and the wall art within the home and yet make each room look new and different. It may be a great idea to sometimes add new wall art to the bare walls or the other way round, have the walls bare with a minimalistic look or a different wall texture.

WALL COVERINGS AND TEXTURESWall Coverings | Shreya Designs


By just adding a wall paper or changing a color if not of the whole room but an accent wall can make a lot of difference in the look and feel of the entire space.


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