How to keep your home updated?

How often do you revamp your wardrobe? Every now and then, right? And how often do you think of updating the interior decor? Once in a blue moon, right? So, if we are predicting it right, your home décor comes much lower in the pecking order! This is a problem we have repeatedly noticed among most Indian homeowners.  We are ready to splurge on every other thing, apart from the periodic upgradation of our homes. And no wonder, most of the times our homes look more dated then they actually are.

One of the common mindsets for homeowners is: interior decoration costs a fortune! Well, there are times when it may cost heavily, but you can also upgrade your home within a small budget. Wondering how? Here are some ideas to get you started.


Know your taste

Before plunging into home renovation, it is important to understand your tastes. It is important to understand your tastes, as a home should reflect the likes of the homeowner. So ask yourself some questions:

  • What are your favorite colors?
  • What are your personal tastes (in terms of furniture)?
  • Why do you like them?

The answers to these questions will help you make choices while at the market!


Spice up your walls

Interior décor experts believe that walls should be painted once every year. So, are you following this norm? While painting the walls, try choosing colors that you like. Try to mingle the warm with the cool colors to give get an attractive look. While you may play safe with certain rooms, experiment with others. You may use flamboyant shades, designs or even opt for multi-hued walls. Often such experiments lead to chic looking interiors!

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Curtain Makeover

Our understanding of the Interior decoration and Renovation industry makes us say that curtains are the most overlooked aspects of any Indian home! Their potential has gone largely untapped. Just try replacing your basic line curtains with the trendy heavy silk curtains and you will see the effects yourself. They not only look gorgeous but protect you from the exterior heat as well!

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Change Accessories 

Small changes in your room décor such as new cushions, center table (with unique design), a flower vase, installation of new painting – can work wonders in terms of the looks of your rooms. You can also purchase a carpet or attractive rugs to give a welcoming environment to the living room!

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If all these interior decoration choices and shopping look too overbearing, let us at Shreya Designs help you with our services.