Homemaker’s choice décor trends

Money power cannot turn a home into the loveliest abode, it needs the touch of a homemaker! With their tireless hard work, they make homes look gorgeous and feel cosy. It is no wonder then that the homemakers have a big say when it comes to home décor. So, we took into consideration the practical needs of the homemakers and matched it with the home décor hot favourites for 2018. And this is a list that we came up with.


Easy to Handle Furniture and Furnishings

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Today’s urban population is heavily dependent on their employment scopes. And most people are employed in multi-location based enterprises. This means they might have to relocate from time to time to meet their professional obligations. And no one understands the trivialities of shifting better than a homemaker. This is why easy to handle furniture is a particular favourite among the homemakers. Rather than those sophisticated cushioned chairs, many homemakers find the folding chairs (which again come in various designs and shades) more convenient.


Ambient Lighting

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How much would you like to be welcomed into a home that has colourful lighting that matches with the interior décor of the room? The homemakers also love to spring in such a surprise to their tired partners. This is one of the reasons why ambience lighting is one of the biggest interior décor trends for 2018. From lights that dim or brighten up based upon the hours of the day, to lights that change colour from time to time in order to beautify your home; ambience lighting is really a heartthrob for the homemakers.


Cozy Kids Room Décor

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Moms always remain steadfast about the wellbeing of their little one. It is no wonder then that kid’s rooms décor trends are always dictated by the tastes of the homemakers. While Pink (for girls) and Blue (for boys) remains the popular wall shades for kid’s room, other vintage shades (such as white and grey) are also being used in kid’s room décor. Chairs with unique designs are the other major trend to look out for. Coming in unconventional shapes, these chairs add a charm to the room. There are of course new racks and shelves being utilized to store all those things lying around in the kid’s room.


Storage Spaces for Kitchen


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More and more homemakers are shunning the space consuming shelves and racks. They are adopting the spacious pull-out drawers, which come with various compartments and dividers. These storage spaces are making organizing your kitchen such a fun activity.


So, as a homemaker what is your preferred home décor trend? Write to us at shreya@shreyadesigns.com or visit us at shreyadesigns.com.