One Signature Piece for One Beautiful Room

It is said the perfect interior decor should reflect the tastes of the homeowner. The guests should get a feel of your personality as soon as they walk into your home. So, if you want to attain the perfect home décor, the trendiest option is signature piece! Signature piece (whether it is an artwork, furniture, colour schemes or fabrics) stands out from the rest of the elements and conveys your room’s true personality. Signature pieces become the focal point of a room and turn uninspiring rooms into trendy spaces! Whether your personality is bold, fun loving, fabulous or sophisticated there would be a piece that depicts you! So let us, at Shreya Designs, help you decide on the perfect signature piece.


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How to choose a signature piece?

There are two situations you might encounter while selecting a signature piece. Firstly, you might come across an item that fits into your scheme of things perfectly, as though it was just meant for your home. Secondly, you might struggle to find any item that matches your tastes. In the second instance, you can start searching for a beautiful collector’s item, or one that has a good meaning or is useful. If you cannot find anything that matches with these criteria then move on ahead and choose a piece that brings a smile to your face or carries some nostalgic value.

How to incorporate the signature piece in your home decor?

  • Colour: Contrasting colour schemes work best for signature pieces. If you have light coloured walls and furniture then you should always choose a dark-coloured signature piece. But make sure that there is at least one dark coloured element in the near vicinity.
  • Style: If the signature piece is ornate, and your overall home decor is rather simple, then you need to balance the home decor. In such a scenario you need to buy some other ornate furnishings and place them close to the signature piece.
  • Size: If you have a small room, it would naturally be filled with a lot of furniture. In such scenarios, a lighter signature piece would suit the decor perfectly. On the other hand, if you have a larger room and a small signature piece, it could be smartly incorporated as well. All you need to do is place some smaller elements close by the signature piece. This will balance out the looks.

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If you have any further doubts, please contact Shreya Designs and seek our free personal consultation services before purchasing your ideal signature piece.