Add Life to Your Rooms

Air pollution is one of the primary challenges that humanity is facing today. Dust and pollution are choking our cities and there appears to be no respite in sight. Long-term exposure to polluted air has been associated with various health issues such as respiratory problems and even cancer. What is even more worrying is that air pollution exists inside our homes. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be 2-3 times more polluted than outside air. Indoor air pollution is caused by things like mould, household products, tobacco smoke, carbon dioxide, radon, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, lead, asbestos, etc.

While home air purifiers are available, an environment-friendly approach to get clean and fresh air is to add some indoor plants to your home. These plants will not only provide cleaner air to breathe but will also enhance the ambience of your home. The indoor plants can be added at various places in your home, as part of the décor, to augment the overall look and feel.

The effectiveness of indoor plants in providing fresh air is backed by scientific evidence. In a study conducted by NASA, it was found that indoor plants have the ability to absorb toxic substances present in the air. In effect, indoor plants can neutralize the harmful agents that may accumulate in your home. Some indoor plants are especially suited for removing air pollution such as Aloe Vera, Fig, Peace Lily, Lady Palm, Dracaena, Devil’s Ivy, succulents, snake plant and spider plant.

Indoor plants can be placed in a number of ways to beautify your home’s interiors. Here are some innovative ideas that you can use.

  • Hanging houseplants: These tend to give an altogether unique experience, as the plants appear to float in the air. Hanging houseplants can be hung from the ceiling in any part of your home

Hanging House Plant

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  • Wall-mounted plants: This design adds life to your walls, giving a specific character to the interiors that resonates with peace and calm.

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  • Houseplant boxes: These provide the classical garden look to your home. The larger the boxes, the more greenery you can have inside your home.

House Plant Boxes

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There are many more ideas that you can use to beautify your home with houseplants. For best results, it’s always better to consult a professional interior designer. Shreya Designs is one such firm that can help you add life to your rooms. A leading provider of architectural consulting, interior design and renovation services, Shreya Designs can implement the most unique and immersive house plant design ideas for your home. Your home will come alive with the vivid shades of nature and there would be healthier air for you and your loved ones.