How to make your home festive season ready: 5 tips to add decor bling

The festive season is knocking at your doors and this is the time when your home gets a heavy footfall of guests. So, if you are thinking on the lines of giving a boost to your home decor, you are thinking wisely and logically. Staying with this thought, a festive home makeover can be achieved with small changes within the house to get a great home decor result. Here are five ideas that would make your home’s look festive ready.


  • Create a great first impression: Your makeover ideas should start with the area guests find themselves in as soon as they enter your house. To arrange for a bench at the entry where the guests are supposed to take their shoes off. Also, the entry should be well organized and lit up with a nice lighting fixture. Arrange for a table where the guests can drop their gifts after the initial greetings have been exchanged.

Create a great first impression

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  • Tinker with your Living room furniture: Living room is the area where you meet and host your guests, so it should be the focal point of decor ideas. The simplest way to boost up your living room decor is to rethink the arrangement of existing furniture. Clothe your sofas with colorful covers and stack the sofas in one corner of the room. This would ensure cozy and relaxed conversations with the guests.

Tinker with your Living room furniture

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  • Special area for sweets and gifts: Make sure you have a special arrangement near the kitchen which would help you serve the sweets conveniently while you are hosting the guests. Also, vacate a shelf or two in your cupboard to stack the gifts inside. This will help you deliver the gifts smoothly when the time comes.

Special area for sweets and gifts

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  • Festive special decor: Festive looks and feel can be brought about only with the utilization of colors. So, splash bright colors wherever possible. The curtains, sofa, and cushion covers on the living room should be bright and colorful. Splash some more colors with golden lights.

Festive special decor

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  • Prepare a kids section: Festivals are about friends and relatives visiting each other. But without a bit of planning your pleasant dream could turn into a nightmare with children running all over the place. This is why it is essential to arrange for a special kids’ section within your house. Prepare a room where the children can play or watch their cartoon shows while the adults can have some fun.

Prepare a kids section

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So, have fun re-decorating your room this festive season. For more inspirations do visit Shreya Designs.