7 genius ways to style your bedroom

Maybe your guests never visit the bedroom, yet it is one such segment of the house that deserves as much attention as our living room. It is that part of your house where you rest, invigorate imaginations and instigate your plans. Transfigure your imagination and style your little world to end the day with a cozy “Me” time. Here are some brilliant décor tips to tailor your bedroom for a heavenly feel.

1. Enchant your body to the bed

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  1. Enchant your body to the bed:

Layer your bed with a comfortable soft mattress and choose the bed linen as a contrasting color to the walls of the room. Add patterned tones of comforters and ensemble them at the foot zone. Perhaps throw a soft cushion and a knitted rug at the bedpost and to spare some more “cuddle” time. A bed is the labeled palette of the bedroom which brings in a positive hue in you.

Walk on the flowers with floor rugs

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  1. Walk on the flowers with floor rugs:

The ultimate style statement of the room is defined by the floor rugs. The choice of the rug can be decided as per the theme and size of the room and the placement of the same depends on those factors too. Rugs bring a new life to the bland floor surface and add to the look of the room by being contrasting and dynamic. Rugs can also be used to merge with the floor or can be placed purely for comfort and warmth.

Add features with wallpapers

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  1. Add features with wallpapers:

The boring and dull colors of the wall are not an exciting thing, right? So, let the walls append to the zing of your bedroom. Wallpapers bring the essence to a room and embellishing your walls with gorgeous wallpapers can orient your mind towards freshness every morning when you wake up. You can also use texture paints to accent a wall and to make your space more lively. Allow your walls to do all the talking for the dream room.


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  1. Affair by the bedside:

Bedside tables are most useful to store things that need to be handy especially while resting. A small tastefully crafted bedside table adds to the brilliance of your room. Stack a few books, a wine bottle or a colored vase with fresh, sweet smelling flowers. Choose a metal base or a wooden table, with or without drawers which also compliments the design of the bed and looks outstanding as it is an integral part of a bedroom. It is better not to clutter the table with too many things and keep it as simple as you can for the ease.

Go green for your room

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  1. Go green for your room:

Greenery in the surrounding assures positive vibes. An array of small indoors not just beautifies the master room but reflects the multitude of refreshing aura. A flowering indoor adds to the trail of natural ambrosial to enchant you each time you visit the room. Pot it or hang it, plants add-on should be in the checklist.

Bring the sunshine in

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  1.     Bring the sunshine in:

A well-ventilated room with ample sunshine and a fresh breeze lift your mood up. Ornament the windows with plant hangers or fairy lights and feel lighter with every wave of a gentle wind. Long trailing curtains, with any color preference, makes your windows feel bigger and broader. A wisely chosen hanging drape transforms the room immensely well.

Spice up a little space with the extras

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  1. Spice up a little space with the extras:

The room, of course, needs the finessing touch to finally become a master-corner. A stylish chair, a short table at the foot of the bed, handmade pictures or crafts or extra lights in the room adjuncts the charm of the bedroom. Add the signature of your personal taste to the room and rejuvenate the atmosphere.

A makeover is absolutely needed to maintain the glory of the place that comforts you the best. So, suit yourself and build up the favorite corner of your house in the bedroom.